5 Most Hate-Watched TV Shows

5 Most Hate-Watched TV Shows
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Season 1 is a pilot for long-running shows, but some of them fail to deliver on their initial promises and turn into hate-watch material for the audiences they’ve gathered.

5. Grey's Anatomy (2005–Now)

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Procedurals are among the most popular TV show subgenres ever, and it doesn’t matter who they follow. Police officers, firefighters, or doctors — everything works if a series has compelling characters, enough romantic storylines, and a strong dramatic backdrop provided by the environment. Grey’s Anatomy had it all, and it thrived.

The first few seasons of the show were spectacular and earned Grey’s Anatomy an everlasting audience. But later, the original cast began leaving the series, the writer’s room stopped caring about character development and original plotlines, and everything went to hell. Now, former fans hate-watch this show out of pure addiction.

4. Sons of Anarchy (2008–2014)

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Shows following “dangerous people,” too, tend to do well — and biker clubs generally have a bunch of folks you don’t want to mess with. Sons of Anarchy followed one such gang that tried to cleanse its town of drugs but traded weapons at the same time, and its young leader who tried to change things for the better.

Despite its initial success, Sons of Anarchy began devolving rather rapidly. The show’s writers were reusing the same storylines over and over again and stopped trying to make them believable. Devoted fans kept believing that the story would finally progress, but it kept going in circles, making SoA quite a masochistic watch.

3. Shameless (2011–2021)

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Being chronically broke sucks in real life, but watching a scrappy and dysfunctional family get by while working as little as possible on your small screens might be fun if it’s the Gallaghers we’re talking about. Shameless enchanted the audience with its sinful yet compelling characters you sympathized with even when they were wrong.

The earlier seasons of Shameless were nothing short of brilliant thanks to surprising storylines and plot twists and the unique chemistry between the characters. Sadly, as time went by, pretty much everyone in the show became a massive a-hole and an egomaniac, and watching your favorite characters delve into the abyss is painful.

2. 13 Reasons Why (2017–2020)

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Bold and unique, 13 Reasons Why immediately captivated the audience with its concept: each episode represented one reason for a young girl’s suicide, explained by that same girl on tape after her death. While tackling tough topics, the series did a great work of showing how rash actions can have grave consequences for someone.

13 Reasons Why could have become a phenomenal and widely acclaimed TV show if only it ended after the original season’s success. Unfortunately, its popularity made it continue and try to explore other topics using the same characters. This mistake turned the fan-favorite show into a hate-watch series you couldn’t stop streaming.

1. Euphoria ( 2019–Now)

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Euphoria became an international sensation immediately after its release and split everyone into two categories. There are people who claim it’s the most amazing TV show ever, but there are also people who hate the series and claim it butchered everything they have ever held dear. The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between.

While successful, Euphoria largely underperformed on its initial promise to showcase real teens’ lives. The show’s “teens” are played by adults, and all their “teen issues” revolve around drugs, sex, violence, and crimes. Euphoria turned out way too dark for its concept, and even those who love it hate what happens on the screen.