5 Most Talented Actors With Most Questionable Filmographies

5 Most Talented Actors With Most Questionable Filmographies
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They’re the best parts of every movie they’re in.

It's not always possible for an actor to have a perfectly linear career. First, they never really know how many auditions they'll have to go through to get their next role, and second, it's hard to know how good the finished product will be and how it will be received by the audience.

The entertainment industry is a gamble of sorts. While some actors who are lucky manage to get their filmographies in order and perfect each of their performances, others just have to try and see what comes next. Sometimes they lose. Sometimes they lose more than once, no matter how much talent they possess.

Here are 5 very talented Hollywood actors buried in far too many below-average movies.

Vincent Price

Unfortunately, the career of this legendary actor had more stinkers than really good movies. However, his performance never disappointed a single critic or audience member. Besides, this is the fate that usually befalls very good horror actors, as not many very good horror writers or directors have emerged over the years.

Tim Curry

Best known for his overwhelmingly great performance as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tim Curry hasn't been so lucky with other roles or movies he's played. Doom Runners, Congo, McHale's Navy, and other worst of the worst of his titles mostly come from the late 90s, but even before that, he didn't have many great roles.

Idris Elba

Another actor who was expected to be extremely big and popular after the success of The Wire, but fell victim to numerous very mediocre horror and thriller films. From The Reaping to No Good Deed, there are a lot of movies in his filmography that you want to stay away from, lest you ruin the image of the actor in your own mind as well as your movie night.

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Adrien Brody

For someone who won an Oscar for his flawless performance in The Pianist, Adrien Brody has had far too many misses. The actor was clearly trying to buck the typecasting trend and did a pretty convincing job in Predators, but the writing wasn't good enough to showcase his strengths. We can only hope to see more good roles from him one day.

Richard E. Grant

Many Star Wars fans are still angry that the franchise wasted an actor of such talent, stature, and potential on such an unworthy film as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Persuasion, Dom Hemingway, and Horrid Henry: The Movie is all painfully average, if not downright awful. The good news is that his part in Loki was really great, so justice prevailed.

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