5 Off-Putting Friends Storylines We All Wish We Could Unsee

5 Off-Putting Friends Storylines We All Wish We Could Unsee
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The audience wasn’t there for this nonsense.

Even the best TV shows weren't always as good as we remember them. Maybe the writers ran out of ideas to keep the story fresh, or maybe they just needed something to fill the screen time, we don't know. What is certain is that Friends had its fair share of failures during its 10 years on the air.

Here are 5 Friends storylines that the sitcom would be better off without.

Richard in Chandler's Proposal to Monica

Viewers have grown accustomed to seeing Friends' characters' lives intertwine over the years, so it wasn't all that surprising that he was involved in the proposal. It was just annoying, though, because Mondler really deserved the moment to herself, without the involvement of an ex, for better or worse.

Phoebe Becoming Rude

Many of those who watched The Big Bang Theory noticed how Bernadette became a bully to her friends over time. Perhaps the show's creators were inspired by Phoebe Buffay, who was truly unbearable by the end of the series. No matter how brilliant Lisa Kudrow 's acting was, it couldn't save the writing.

Ross Falling for His Cousin

Does this one even need an explanation? As much as sitcoms used to rely on dirty jokes, this one storyline wasn't funny at all. It was borderline disgusting and creepy, which ruined Ross' character even more in the eyes of many viewers. It's a shame that such an idea even made it into the show.

Emma’s Birth

While the kid is cute and no one is trying to deny it, Emma's birth ultimately created more problems for the show than it did good. From a story point of view, Rachel getting a false positive test and realizing she wanted to settle down would have done the same trick, but without an actual baby involved.

Joey and Rachel Dating

There was no need to play the same old "will they/won't they" game with Ross and Rachel at Joey's expense. No one really believed the characters had any chemistry at all, the relationship came out of nowhere, and the writers really struggled to make the audience believe it was real. The biggest mess of the whole show.


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