5 Raunchiest R-Rated Comedies Released in 2023, Ranked by Box Office

5 Raunchiest R-Rated Comedies Released in 2023, Ranked by Box Office
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There is no shame in adding a bit of raunch into your life from time to time.

It wasn't too long ago that studios were terrified of an R rating on anything other than horror movies, fearing that most films would flop at the box office without a teen audience.

Then along came Deadpool and that theory was enthusiastically abandoned, giving us a treasure trove of no-holds-barred comedies every year. Here are five that came out in 2023 and doubled down on the raunch, to greater or lesser success.

5. Bottoms

Opening Weekend: $400,000

PJ and Josie, two unpopular and queer high school girls, start a fight club in the name of teaching "self-defense" – though really they're trying to hook up with the popular girls. Rolling Stone called this "The horniest, bloodiest high school movie of the 21st century", but that's clearly not a bad thing given that it rocks a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In spite of a limited release and very small opening weekend box office, the movie got a wider release as word spread, and the box office snowballed from there.

4. Joy Ride

Opening Weekend: $5.8 Million

It's only 29 seconds into the trailer before we get a racial slur, a small child dropping the F-bomb, and that same child punching a bully in the face. Joy Ride tells the story of four friends traveling to China in a search for one of their birth mothers, but this ain't no Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. These four swear like troopers, get horny, and put a ton of drugs in unmentionable places.

Critics are into it though, and in spite of the no-holds-barred debauchery this movie sits at 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

3. Strays

Opening Weekend: $8 million

You wouldn't think that a movie about a bunch of loveable strays could possibly earn an R-rating, but the trailer alone will set you straight pretty fast.

Reggie is a sweet and gullible terrier who believes his owner truly loves him, in spite of a lot of evidence to the contrary. When Reggie is abandoned in another city, he meets up with a group of strays and they plot revenge: they're going to find Reggie's abusive owner and bite his junk off.

In spite of the stellar voice cast this movie was less than impressive to critics, who gave it only a 53% on Rotten Tomatoes. Most of the good gags are in the trailer, including a bit where the dogs feast on some wild mushrooms to hallucinogenic results.

2. No Hard Feelings

Opening Weekend: $15 Million

The concept might sound familiar: desperate to get their son to grow up before he moves out, a set of helicopter parents hire Maddie, a broke Uber driver, to give their son some life experience. But No Hard Feelings goes all out on the chaos and raunch, with an R rating that makes it stand out from similar movies in the past.

Reviews are mixed on this one, but critics and fans are unanimous in their praise of Jennifer Lawrence, who manages to be hilariously unhinged but somehow sympathetic as Maddie. Her performance is most of the reason behind the film managing to pass 70% on Rotten Tomatoes.

1. Cocaine Bear

Opening Weekend: $23 Million

Did you know that actress Elizabeth Banks directed this bonkers horror-comedy? Did you know that the script was inspired (extremely loosely) on the true story of a bear that overdosed on a smuggler's abandoned cocaine stash?

In real life, the bear died. In the movie, it goes on a gore-filled B-movie rampage which will make you wince as much as you laugh. Critics were lukewarm on Cocaine Bear, and it carries only a 66% on Rotten Tomatoes. But the movie raked it in at the box office, so clearly audiences didn't care.

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