5 Reasons Skyfall Is Undoubtedly The Best Bond Movie

5 Reasons Skyfall Is Undoubtedly The Best Bond Movie
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The twenty-third movie about Agent 007 is probably the best that fans of the franchise have ever seen, and we've got proof to back that up.

Bond returns from the dead to save MI6 and M from the vengeance of an aggrieved agent, and the path leads to his own family domain. Skyfall is a gripping and unexpectedly lyrical movie that looks deeper than any before into the internal struggles of Agent 007.

Skyfall brings together the best of the rest of the installments. Here are 5 things that made Skyfall the most prominent James Bond movie of all time.

1. Agent 007 is more realistic than ever

In Skyfall, Bond is a typical cold-blooded Englishman, a professional spy willing to die for his country. Tired from numerous missions, exhausted from traveling, and having been shot by his own partner, he returns to service when his help may determine the final outcome.

The viewer sees Bond as a little slow in action and with little confidence in his abilities, which helps us to see that James Bond is also human.

2. M appeared in a different light

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In 1995, when Judi Dench was cast as M in GoldenEye, her character was unwavering and firm in the moments when she would send 007 to certain death. In Skyfall, she became different – her emotional experience became the heart and soul of the movie.

3. Adele's incomparable soundtrack

Skyfall by Adele proves how much the soundtrack influences the atmosphere of the movie, as well as its popularity.

It is unlikely that any other song from the James Bond universe will climb as high in the near future (sorry, Billie Eilish), which means that Skyfall can rightfully be considered one of the most successful songs in movie history.

4. Raoul Silva is one of the most charismatic villains of the franchise

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Javier Bardem's character in Skyfall is a cunning hacker who is able to calculate everything down to the smallest detail.

He does not want to conquer or destroy the world – he is only driven by revenge on his boss M, and he himself is Bond's doppelganger, the same dedicated agent who was driven mad by the inhuman actions of his superiors.

Silva shows the path that Agent 007 might have taken if circumstances had been a little different.

5. M became Bond’s main girl

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The Bond girl in Skyfall is Severine, who works with Bond to stop her boss, Raoul Silva. Severine's character has been criticized because James Bond reacts rather coldly to her death.

However, the real Bond girl is actually M. Judi Dench has been with Bond since 1995 and has been loyal to her cause. And despite all the conflicts between Bond and M, they had a special relationship, which makes her death all the more tragic.