5 Romance Films & TV Shows Coming To Netflix In February 2024

5 Romance Films & TV Shows Coming To Netflix In February 2024
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The month of love will not disappoint.

There is no better time for romance than the month of February. Thanks to Valentine's Day, there is no way to escape the celebration of love, red and pink colors, and various sweets and flowers. So if there is nowhere to run and hide from this chaos, why not just embrace it and allow yourself to have some fun?

Whether you're single on Valentine's Day or planning to spend the evening with your date, there's nothing better than Netflix to end the day. Luckily, the platform is ready to satisfy all your romance needs with a whole list of love-themed premieres in February 2024.

Check out the list below to see which of these movies and TV shows you'll want to tune in to next month.

The Vow (2012)

What could make a love story in which one of the lovers loses his or her memory even more of a tearjerker? The fact that it was inspired by the real-life couple Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. Our only hope is that Leo and Paige Collins, portrayed by Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams, lived longer and happier lives after the credits rolled.

One Day (2024)

This British limited series is an adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by David Nicholls. Just like in the original source, viewers would follow the lives of two protagonists through two decades of ups and downs in their lives, trying to grasp the small details that reveal the true nature of their relationship.

Waves (2019)

While this may not be the best movie to watch on a first date, any cinephile who loves good drama and detailed character study would appreciate this A24 release. The movie focuses on the Williams family and how they deal with tragic loss by coming together and facing the most complex of human emotions.

Ready, Set, Love (2024)

This fun and colorful Thai show is a perfect show to use as an escape from a mundane reality. It throws viewers into a parallel universe where men are vastly outnumbered by women and women have to compete for men's attention everywhere, including reality TV. Who will be the one to catch Son's eye? Let's wait and see.

Plus One (2019)

Two college friends attend several weddings as a fake couple, what could possibly go wrong? Alice and Ben don't see each other as anything more than friends, but the longer they're forced to participate in other people's celebrations, the more they let their true selves shine through the protective armor and grow closer.