5 The Vampire Diaries' Deaths So Brutal They Make Game of Thrones Look Like a Kids’ Show

5 The Vampire Diaries' Deaths So Brutal They Make Game of Thrones Look Like a Kids’ Show
Image credit: The CW/HBO

Move over, Westeros, Mystic Falls is here to teach a lesson in brutality.

If you remember watching Game of Thrones and thinking that it was brutal, chances are you weren’t into any The CW shows when you were a teen. With supernatural entities of all kinds, pretty much every series has been filled with quite a number of gruesome, nightmare-material deaths.

A good half of the characters would come back to life sooner than later, but that’s beside the point.

If you want to freshen up the memories of the top 5 most brutal The Vampire Diaries deaths, go ahead and look through the compilation below.

Tyler’s Victim

To be compelled and fed on to by a newbie vampire is already unfortunate enough, but to end up being hit by the car with an untriggered werewolf after that just to be completely killed off by the witch is borderline absurd. Though his death wasn’t the most impactful, it surely was the most pathetic one.

Josette Laughlin

Murdering a pregnant woman right on her wedding day, in front of all the people who love her and care about her must be one of the cruelest ways of killing. The stabbing right on the uterus part must be one of the worst and gory moments in the whole show that still gives viewers chills. Red Wedding, you were saying?

Mason Lockwood

Speaking of gory, perhaps the most gore that The Vampire Diaries has shown on screen was captured when Damon killed Mason Lockwood by pulling his heart out of his chest after prolonged torture took place. That’s what happens with the good guys who get mixed up with the wrong crowd.

Luka Martin

There probably isn’t a more painful death than being burned alive, and poor Luka had to suffer exactly that. The way this moment was portrayed left everybody speechless in front of their screens, and we can’t help but wonder how many people have been scarred enough to be afraid of fire for the rest of their lives.

Colin Phelps

Cancer being something so personal to so many households hits hard even when it’s on the screen. However, cancer’s progression is sped up, and the patient, whether human or vampire, being forcefully stripped of any chance for his body to fight cancerous cells is one of the most cruel things, not only on a physical but on an emotional level as well.