5 The Vampire Diaries Moments So Cringy We Prefer To Think They Never Happened

5 The Vampire Diaries Moments So Cringy We Prefer To Think They Never Happened
Image credit: The CW

Some scenes are just impossible to rewatch without fast-forwarding.

There are a lot of shows from the 2000s that hold a lot of nostalgia for those who grew up with them playing in the background. However, television was very different back then, and a lot of things that were on would never be as accepted and successful as they are today.

Even shows like The Vampire Diaries, which focused more on the supernatural side of the story, still had so many cringe-worthy moments that it's sometimes hard to watch again.

Here are 5 scenes from The Vampire Diaries that you might want to skip if you're planning on watching the show again.

Elena’s Handstand Drinking

We don't know if Rebekah was impressed by this move or if Elena failed in her task, but most of the viewers were just worried about her health. Drinking is nothing to be proud of, but adding an acrobatic element to it is a bit much, even for Elena.


This is the perfect example of something good being so overused that it no longer makes sense. Originally, Damon's "Hello, Brother" quote was considered one of the most iconic lines in the entire show. But when the writers caught up to it, they made the entire last season unbearable by completely ruining the meaning of those words.

Lily’s Death

It's not too uncommon for the shows to create unnecessarily long and dramatic death scenes, but this one was something else. It felt like it took Lily a whole month to have a few conversations with different people before she was finally laid to rest. At least Damon's last line to her was extremely satisfying!

Caroline Singing

The only time it felt appropriate was at her mother's funeral. Other times, the singing usually came out of nowhere and caught the viewer off guard. No matter how talented she is, The Vampire Diaries was never meant to be Glee, and Caroline was no Rachel Berry.

Stop Loving Me

Damon and Elena's relationship has always been full of over-the-top moments of mutual passion and hatred. However, this scene in particular made many viewers cringe so much that they actually fell out of love with this pairing as a whole. The "Then stop loving me" and "I can't!" dialog will forever live on as The Vampire Diaries' cringe-worthy legacy.