5 Times Sex and the City 2 Was Worse Than And Just Like That, Ranked

5 Times Sex and the City 2 Was Worse Than And Just Like That, Ranked
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And Just Like That… gets a lot of hate these days, but let’s remember its infamous predecessor, which makes the revival look like a quality show.

Here are five times Sex and the City 2 was so bad that we couldn’t help but cringe during the entire scene.

5. Erin, the Braless Irish Nanny

Charlotte was always anxious about everything, but you’d think after everything she and Harry had been through, she’d be more confident in their relationship. No, she just had to be jealous of the nanny who preferred to let the “girls” breathe. To make matters worse, the writers had Harry and the guys ogling poor Erin as if they had never seen breasts before. Unnecessary and cringe-worthy.

4. That Night Club Karaoke Scene

That scene is probably burned into everyone’s brain, no matter how hard we try to forget it. We honestly don’t know why the writers thought that it would be empowering, but watching the girls come up on stage and sing I Am Woman just made it seem like they were trying too hard. We have nothing against the actresses, but the karaoke scene could have been cut, and no one would have missed it.

3. Carrie and Mr. Big’s Marriage

Carrie and John had had a bumpy ride until they finally tied the knot in the first Sex and the City movie. The writers had them beautifully marry in a simple ceremony that sent a message to the audience to appreciate the little things, only to have Carrie revert to her materialistic self in the second film. Their fight over Mr. Big’s “wrong” gift was incredibly ridiculous and disappointing to many.

2. Samantha’s Nervous Breakdown

Samantha never cared what anyone thought of her, but she always respected others. The Samantha we know would never have gotten herself arrested for PDA or had a hysterical outburst that followed the condoms flying out of her purse. Her whole storyline in the second movie seemed entirely out of character and, frankly, kind of pathetic. Some scenes just made us feel second-hand embarrassment, and nothing else.

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1. Carrie and Aidan’s Kiss in Abu Dhabi

Carrie was literally the other woman with Mr. Big before, and now she went and cheated on him with Aidan. Really? We don’t think so. It’s bad enough that Carrie committed adultery, but sweet Aidan would never do that. We will never forgive the writers for turning Aidan into a cheater who just pines for Carrie even though he is a married family man.

And Just Like That… can still top Sex and the City 2 in terms of cringe-worthiness (just you watch).

What’s worse in your opinion?