5 Unmade Guillermo Del Toro Movies That Scream Missed Opportunity

5 Unmade Guillermo Del Toro Movies That Scream Missed Opportunity
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The cult director still has a whole list of dark fairy tales in store for us.

Guillermo Del Toro 's movies are known for the dark aesthetic of gothic worlds where humans live side by side with fantastic creatures.

The Shape of Water, Pan's Labyrinth, Hellboy – Guillermo has written or co-written the screenplays for all of his iconic films. As it turns out, the director has many more scripts for the movies that we will most likely never see.

1. At the Mountains of Madness

Fans of Howard Lovecraft have been waiting for this movie for many years. It tells the story of a research expedition that discovered the remains of previously unseen creatures in the mountains of Antarctica. When the dead fossils turned out not to be so dead, it was only the beginning of the explorers' misadventures.

In 2010, James Cameron agreed to adapt the iconic story, and who else but del Toro could bring the atmosphere of Lovecraftian horror to the screen?

2. The Count of Monte Cristo

There have been more than two dozen adaptations of Monte Cristo, and the first was made in 1908, at the dawn of cinema.

But del Toro wanted to turn Edmond Dantes' story into a steampunk western in which the main character takes revenge with a mechanical cannon in place of an arm.

3. Pacific Rim II

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Of course there is Pacific Rim 2 subtitled Uprising. But if del Toro had directed it like he did the first installment, the movie would have been completely different. The script that Guillermo wrote required a huge budget and Universal did not dare to take such a financial risk.

As a result, Steven DeKnight took the director's chair, and del Toro's only involvement was as a producer. It's a shame: Guillermo hinted that he wanted to give viewers a full-fledged excursion into the scary and colorful world of kaiju.

4. The Incredible Hulk

Del Toro wanted to make a show that had nothing to do with the MCU. The director found many strong moments in the Hulk comics that were not covered in the movies, and based on them he wanted to create his own story about Bruce Banner and his dark side.

Unfortunately, the project got frozen: probably, Guillermo’s ideas did not fit into the budget of the show.

5. Justice League Dark

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In 2011, DC released a comic book of the same name in which the world is saved by controversial characters – such as the exorcist John Constantine, Swamp Thing, the ghost of an acrobat named Deadman, and the sorceress Madame Xanadu, ripped from the pages of the King Arthur epic.

Del Toro wanted to make a movie about their adventures, and it is quite possible that his portrayal of the Dark League would be a breath of fresh air for DC.