5 Video Games Hollywood Is Sleeping on by Not Adapting Them

5 Video Games Hollywood Is Sleeping on by Not Adapting Them
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks, Ubisoft

Yes, The Elder Scrolls could be the next Game of Thrones.

If you are a gamer and a movie buff, you know how many video games would actually make amazing movies or TV shows. Yes, we know that such adaptations often fall short, but such projects as The Last of Us prove that it can be done properly.

Here are video games that entertained us with hours of gameplay but have the potential to wow us in the cinema or on a streaming platform too.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is a neon-soaked, adrenaline-pumping video game. All those intense shootouts, the 80s aesthetics, and the trippy storyline, all accompanied by a thumping soundtrack, would definitely be the kind of movie many would enjoy. Think of Drive directed by Nicolas Winding Refn but ramped up to eleven.


Firewatch is a far cry from the high-octane world of Hotline Miami. Firewatch is all about rich storytelling and vibrant visuals. Set in the Wyoming wilderness, it’s an emotional rollercoaster filled with mystery and suspense.

The bond between the characters Henry and Delilah, built entirely over radio communication, is beautifully profound. This game has "indie film gem" written all over it.

The Elder Scrolls

Think Game of Thrones, but bigger. Tamriel, the fantasy world of The Elder Scrolls, is bustling with intriguing species, spellbinding magic, and more lore than you can ever learn. With cities, deserts, mountains, and forests that leave fans awestruck, this series screams for a cinematic universe. The fandom is waiting.

Splinter Cell

Splinter Cell as a movie? Yes, please. Tom Hardy was linked to a film adaptation, but it’s been in limbo for a long time. We think it's high time this stealth masterpiece gets its day on the silver screen. Who doesn’t love a good spy thriller? Splinter Cell, with its tech-savvy protagonist Sam Fisher, is ripe for a movie adaptation.


Steampunk. Assassins. Magic. Dishonored offers a smorgasbord of cool concepts that'd make for a gripping film. The decaying, Victorian-inspired city of Dunwall, filled with intrigue and treachery, is a character in itself. Corvo's quest for revenge, infused with supernatural abilities, would make for a stunning TV series.