6 Best Rom-Coms From the '80s That Can Still Tug At Your Heartstrings

6 Best Rom-Coms From the '80s That Can Still Tug At Your Heartstrings
Image credit: 20th Century Studios, Paramount Pictures

We'd say they've aged well, but they haven't aged at all.

The 1980s can easily be called a golden era for romantic comedies that captured the essence of true love.

Here are six of the best '80s rom-coms that continue to tug at our heartstrings decades after their release.

1. Say Anything... (1989)

Cameron Crowe's Say Anything... is a timeless, heartfelt tale of first love and growing up. John Cusack's Lloyd Dobler and Ione Skye's Diane Court navigate the intricacies of their budding romance, and the film's iconic boombox scene to Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes remains a timeless symbol of the grand gesture of love that every woman longs to experience.

2. When Harry Met Sally ( 1989)

When Harry Met Sally is a timeless romance classic, known for its iconic New Year's Eve scene and the timeless question of whether men and women can be friends without falling in love.

With a brilliant script by Nora Ephron and outstanding performances by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, the film's enduring charm and memorable moments, such as the famous "I'll have what she's having" scene, have made it a beloved favorite in the genre.

3. Coming To America (1988)

Eddie Murphy shines in this classic comedy as Prince Akeem of Zamunda, who travels to America in search of true love and independence. Featuring an all-star cast including James Earl Jones and Arsenio Hall, the film is filled with raucous performances that blend humor with themes of cultural identity and self-discovery, making it a beloved '80s rom-com.

4. Sixteen Candles (1984)

Directed by John Hughes, Sixteen Candles is a teen romance film that captures the awkwardness and sweetness of the adolescent years. The movie revolves around Sam, played by Molly Ringwald, a teenager who is dealing with a crush on a senior boy named Jake and the unwanted attention of a freshman boy named Ted.

The movie also explores the challenges Sam faces, including her family's forgetting of her sixteenth birthday.

5. Mystic Pizza (1988)

This female-centric coming-of-age story stars Julia Roberts, Annabeth Gish, and Lili Taylor as three teenage girls who work at a pizza parlor in Mystic, Connecticut, and navigate love and life.

A charming and cheesy romantic comedy with a strong emphasis on female friendships and relationships, Mystic Pizza remains a nostalgic favorite for those who appreciate '80s coming-of-age films.

6. The Princess Bride (1987)

Although not a typical romantic comedy, Rob Reiner's The Princess Bride has all the elements of one, with a fantastic love story told by a grandfather to his grandson. As a perfect blend of romance, adventure, and humor, the quirky fairytale for all ages tells the timeless love story of Cary Elwes' Westly and Robin Wright's Princess Buttercup.