6 Box Office Bombs That Are Not-So-Secretly Great Movies

6 Box Office Bombs That Are Not-So-Secretly Great Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

Hollywood's obsession with money and profitability has been a curse on both directors and fans for almost a hundred years at this point, and it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon.

So many great films have been denied the chance for a sequel or awards recognition because of their poor box office results, even when critics and fans practically begged Hollywood's producers to give such films a second chance.

Here are 6 great movies that didn't deserve to flop:

Let's face it, no one believed that the above-mentioned movies would become box office sensations even before their premieres, but it was still quite surprising to see them flop as badly as they did.

After all, they were all generally well-received and featured prominent actors in lead and supporting roles, which should have helped them at least break even.

Sadly, it looks like they all simply failed in the marketing department, and the studios decided to market other projects, leaving these great movies to survive on their own.

However, in the current age of streaming and web journalism, these movies will surely get the recognition they deserve, even if it doesn't bring their creators any money.