7 Biggest Failures in Harry Potter Films That Fans Are Still Mad About, Ranked

7 Biggest Failures in Harry Potter Films That Fans Are Still Mad About, Ranked
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Harry Potter movies are pretty magical, and yet they are far from perfect.

Harry Potter adaptations have failed to bring so many key book moments onto the screen, and fans are still pissed about it. Here are seven biggest disappointments in the films (according to Reddit).

7. Hogwarts School Feel

Hogwarts is a big part of the movies, but the only scenes that are included are the ones that are essential to the plot. Some fans wish there had been more “filler” scenes set in Hogwarts – more classes, doing homework, walking the halls – that would’ve given the audience more insight into the students’ school lives.

6. 3D Ron Weasley

Rupert Grint is a sweetheart, but movie Ron is basically there for comedic relief. Most of his great scenes and witty lines are given to other characters. However, what viewers can’t forgive the scriptwriters is the fact that movie Ron doesn’t come to Hermione’s defense when Snape calls her a know-it-all. Book Ron is superior!

5. Hermione the Freedom Fighter

Hermione’s inspired movement against the house-elf oppression is a big deal and a testament to her character. S.P.E.W. is also pretty important for her and Ron’s relationship, as it is Ron’s willingness to save the house-elves in the last book that causes Hermione to finally kiss him and jumpstart their relationship. Too bad we had none of that in the movies.

4. Nick’s Death Day Party

Nearly Headless Nick is not exactly a main character, but the whole storyline with his death day party and how the Golden Trio attends it instead of the Hogwarts Halloween Feast is vital. Not only is the party hilarious, but it also showcases the characters’ dedication to keeping promises and adds an extra layer to their Hogwarts school routine. It’s a shame the scene got cut.

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3. St. Mungo’s Visit

In the fifth book, Arthur Weasley is attacked while guarding the prophecy in the Department of Mysteries, and the Golden Trio, along with the rest of the family, visit him in St. Mungo’s hospital. This is where Harry finds out about Neville’s parents and their tragic fates, but all of it is omitted in the movie, unfortunately.

2. Quidditch World Cup

The way the Quidditch World Cup is depicted in the fourth movie is a travesty. Most of it is cut, and what’s left fails to live up to the glory of how the event is described in the book. Many fans waited for years and had high hopes about the fourth film, but it turned out to be a disaster in more ways than one, but the cup was probably the worst.

1. Harry and Ginny’s Relationship

Harry and Ginny are one of the sweetest couples in the books – they are a perfect match, and they just make sense together. The movies don’t do them justice by basically cutting all of their scenes together and just having them kiss in the sixth installment out of the blue. Plus, Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright have no chemistry!

Do you like Harry and Ginny in the movies?

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