7 Fast & Furious Quotes about Family to Live By, Ranked

7 Fast & Furious Quotes about Family to Live By, Ranked
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It's always "ride or die" for the Toretto family, nothing in between.

With its emphasis on the importance of family bonds, the Fast & Furious franchise's quotes about family and friends have been both a blessing and a curse for its die-hard fans.

From the sometimes pretentious to the heart-wrenching, here are the top seven quotes from the movies that highlight the enduring theme of the importance of family.

7. "We're family. We got a problem, we deal with it together."

Just like her brother, Mia Toretto cherishes the idea of family. In Fast & Furious 6, when tensions rise over Brian's decision to join Dom on a mission, Mia emphasizes their unity by reminding Dom that whatever problem they face, they solve it together, just like any family does.

6. "You don't turn your back on family. Even when they do."

Letty's return in the sixth installment is handled with an unexpected twist, as she suffers from amnesia and turns her back on Dom and the rest of the crew. But Dom's family loyalty remains unshaken as he reminds Brian that the loved ones' support is a constant, no matter the challenges they come across or paths they choose.

5. "Your brother never told you never to threaten a man’s family?"

Owen Shaw, a skilled driver and antagonist in the Fast & Furious series, confronts Dom, threatening the people he cares about. However, in Toretto's famous manner, Dom points out the seriousness of such words, setting the stage for the characters' later conflict.

4. "I don’t have friends, I’ve got family."

When Deckard Shaw mentions the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend," Dom responds firmly, "I don't have friends. I've got family." This cements the idea that his crew is more than just a team to Dom — they’re a chosen family that sticks together through thick and thin.

3. "Money will come and go. We all know that. The most important thing will always be the people in this room. Right here, right now."

Not only for its blend of thrilling stunts and strong plot, but also for the franchise's most famous quote, Fast Five is one of the most brilliant installments in the series.

As the crew comes together for the first time on a mission, Dom's reminder of their mutual support while celebrating takes on a greater meaning as the saga progresses, highlighting the enduring, unbreakable bond that exists between the characters.

2. "No matter where you are, whether it's a quarter mile away or halfway across the world, you'll always be with me, and you'll always be my brother."

Paul Walker 's final appearance as Brian O'Conner in Furious 7 is a poignant tribute in the wake of the actor's passing. In a touching scene, Dom and Brian share one final ride and one last smile before going their separate ways forever.

1. "I used to say I live my life a quarter mile at a time, and I think that's why we were brothers — because you did too."

This is a nostalgic reference to the first movie when Dom introduces Brian to the iconic Dodge Charger, uttering the phrase about living life a quarter mile at a time and sharing his passion for racing.

Repeating this sentiment in Furious 7 means that the franchise completes its journey: Dom and Brian's unbreakable ties through family and racing come full circle, with Vin Diesel 's voice reinforcing the enduring bond they shared both on screen and in real life.