7 Harry Potter Moments That Made Zero Sense Without The Books

7 Harry Potter Moments That Made Zero Sense Without The Books
Image credit: Warner Bros., Legion-Media

Here's a thing with any kind of book adaptation: you can't fully translate everything from the novel into a two-hour-long movie.

You'll have to omit something, and depending on how good a scriptwriter is, that wouldn't create any confusion for those who didn't read the original. In the case of the Harry Potter movies, we have found 7 moments that don't make sense for those who never read the books.

Almost everything that has been happening in the movies in real-time (relatively real) has been translated into this medium from the books almost perfectly.

But the things that suffered the most were the flashbacks and the much-needed exposition that expanded the lore, the relationship between the characters, and their connections to each other.

If you want to know whether a person read the books or just watched the movies, the easiest way to learn that (aside from asking directly) is to ask them about their opinion on Severus Snape. His backstory and his involvement in the whole adventure have been mercilessly cut up, leaving only the bare skeleton of who he is.

Another enlightening question is whether they think the romance between Harry and Ginny is valid and justified.