7 Times Hermione and Ron Totally Gaslit Harry for No Good Reason

7 Times Hermione and Ron Totally Gaslit Harry for No Good Reason
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Though great friends, Ron and Hermione were extremely dismissive of Harry at times, not taking his concerns seriously and even directly gaslighting him.

7. The Basilisk’s Voice

In The Chamber of Secrets, strange things start happening at Hogwarts. Random attacks, creepy messages on the walls, petrified people and animals…and also, everyone learns that Harry parseltongue. However, when Harry tells his friends that he’s hearing a voice, Ron and Hermione dismiss his concerns, implying that he might be going mad. Come on, there’s a ton of scary stuff happening around you!

6. The Time-Turner Shenanigans

In The Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione spends the entire school year deliberately gaslighting her friends into thinking that everything is normal. While mentioning being at two classes at the same time or appearing out of thin air next to them, Hermione keeps insisting that Harry and Ron are being daft since she “can’t be at two places at once.” She knows that it’s a blatant lie, and even in the finale, she feels no remorse.

5. The Goblet of Fire’s Choice

In The Goblet of Fire, one of the most frustrating sequences ever takes place: Harry gets “chosen” as the fourth Champion, and Ron turns his back on his friend in the time of need. Despite Harry being visibly shaken and shocked with the recent events, Ron’s jealousy gets the better of him and leads him to spend weeks acting like he doesn’t know Harry anymore and actually, it’s Harry’s fault. What a douche.

4. The Thestrals’ Appearance

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Moving on to The Order of the Phoenix, one would guess that after the four first years, Hermione and Ron learned their lesson, but they didn’t. When Harry first sees the Thestrals after Cedrik’s death, Hermione immediately reacts to his revelation like he’s insane, and Ron supports her. It’s pretty much the Basilisk situation all over again, except Harry’s friends are now older and could be less dismissive to him.

3. Draco’s Dark Mark

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The Half-Blood Prince begins with our favorite thing: Ron and Hermione not taking Harry seriously despite the circumstances. We agree that Harry got too agitated about his Draco the Death Eater theory, but all three of them were there when Malfoy Jr. spoke to Gorbin in the Nocturnal Alley, showed him his forearm as a threat, and promised to have Fenrir Greyback checking on him. How ignorant could they be?

2. The Hallows’ Importance

During the Horcrux hunt in The Deathly Hallows, Harry suggests that these artifacts are crucial to Voldemort’s plan and he needed the Elder Wand. Hermione promptly dismisses his idea, and Ron supports her to stay on her good side. But what could have possibly been another reason for Dumbledore to leave Bard the Beedle’s book to Hermione? Well, being dismissive to Harry is more important to her, anyway.

1. The Wrong Wand Feeling

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Another example from The Deathly Hallows. When Harry shares that his “new” wand feels and behaves weirdly, Hermione basically tells him “it’s all in your head” even though before that, Harry’s been using her wand without any complaints for weeks. Later down the line, when Hermione herself gets to use Bellatrix’s wand, she also voices her discomfort with it, but Harry is too polite, perhaps, to get back at her.

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