8 Billion-Dollar Franchises Without a Single Good Movie

8 Billion-Dollar Franchises Without a Single Good Movie
Image credit: Legion-Media

Making a lot of money at the box office has never been a sign that the franchise is good, but it looks like a lot of producers have forgotten this simple rule, spending millions of dollars on lackluster movies created just for the sake of making some money.

Here are 8 franchises that managed to make a lot of money without actually being good:

Of course, the idea of comparing "Children of The Corn" to "Fantastic Beasts " may sound absurd to many, but actually such a comparison could explain a lot about the current Hollywood landscape.

The thing is, major Hollywood studios don't really care about the prestige of the franchises they produce as long as they keep making money. And that's why the quality of profitable franchises declines with each new installment - why spend more time developing scripts and hiring better production teams if people are still watching?

However, the early shelving of "Fantastic Beasts" proves that the common people still rule Hollywood and refuse to see bad movies, even if they're associated with a once-great franchise.

Perhaps all the success of the aforementioned franchises can be explained by the inherent badness of the movies themselves – people just love to have a good time laughing at the movie's shortcomings.