8 Must-See Hallmark Movies for Erica Durance Fans

8 Must-See Hallmark Movies for Erica Durance Fans
Image credit: Kabinet Productions

Let's face it, we need Hallmark! Yes, most of the movies from this infamous soap opera channel are known for cheesy dramas and predictable plots, but some of the movies the producers come up with are actually quite great. Sure, they might be a little silly, but sometimes you just need to relax and let your emotions flow, and there's no better place to do that than Hallmark.

And while many prominent actors have chosen to join Hallmark in recent years, Erica Durance was one of the first to build her career around the network.

Here are 8 of the best Erica Durance Hallmark movies, ranked:

As you've probably noticed, Durance has been with the network for more than a decade at this point, and she shows no signs of stopping any time soon. In 2024, the actress is one of the biggest stars the network has, and the amount of good movies she has starred in over the past few years speaks for itself.

Fortunately, the recent movies starring Durance are getting better and better with each new one, trying to give the talented actress a chance to really flex her acting muscles, which is quite unusual for Hallmark, where actors are usually used as props.

Let's hope that Durance will continue to work for Hallmark and prove that this network is not so bad after all.