9 Sci-Fi Movies Based on Books That Dune Can't Hold a Candle To

9 Sci-Fi Movies Based on Books That Dune Can't Hold a Candle To
Image credit: Legion-Media, Lionsgate Films

Although sci-fi movies may not be as popular as they were a decade ago, sci-fi books are actually doing better than ever, selling millions of copies while continuing to excite fans with bold and original ideas.

Fortunately, some Hollywood producers are keeping an eye on the bestseller lists and buying up the rights to the best sci-fi books in order to turn them into major motion pictures. Of course, not all of these adaptations have been worthy of their source material, but there are some that have managed to outdo the originals!

Here are 9 great movies based on sci-fi books from the 2010s:

Yes, we bet you didn't know that some of the movies on this list were based on the books, because the producers managed to shift the focus from the source material to the movie, which helped them generate some hype, but unfortunately stole the spotlight from the original creators.

Other titles on this list, however, wear their influences on their sleeves, reinforcing their status as ideal adaptations, inviting both fans of the literature and new audiences.

With sci-fi literature as popular as ever, there's a good chance that some of your favorite fantasy books will make it to the big screen!