A Brilliant 1990 Coen Brothers Gangster Movie Is a Must Watch on Paramount

A Brilliant 1990 Coen Brothers Gangster Movie Is a Must Watch on Paramount
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Mob fights are the craziest, aren’t they?

Some gangster movies deserved to be shown to generations. And some just have to be forgotten as a bad nightmare. However, even a perfect movie can go by unnoticed, but it would be a missed chance to touch something beautiful.

One of the best gangster movies out there is definitely this hidden gem called Miller's Crossing, created by the Coen brothers in 1990. The movie centers around a man named Tom Reagan. Tom is an advisor to a Prohibition-era crime boss who also tries to keep the peace between the warring mafias, but ends up getting caught in the middle.

But that's the easy way to describe it. In reality - the beef is much tougher, because two of the boldest mafias, Italian and Irish, are fighting head to head for one particular bookie. Throw in some personal drama like intermafian relationships and sharing girlfriends and you will end up with a crazy head.

What Do Fans and Critics Say About the Movie?

The movie has a near-perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes, which is an impressive 93%, but still seems to be a bit of a hidden gem among movies of the genre. Only true fans understand its value.

“IMO, the best - and most underappreciated at times - of the Coen Brothers' films. It's an excellent period piece, cinematography and score are gorgeous, and tremendous performances by all - Gabriel Byrne puts in his finest work here. The plot twists and turns as a fantastic cat's cradle of planning is gradually revealed,” Redditor jasontredecim said.

The massive gang wars depicted in this neo-noir are truly exceptional, and it makes us feel so bad that not all the people around know what they are missing. The plots of violence and deceit just demand the undivided attention of the audience. Add to it some quirky characters as well and you will end up with a timeless mobster film.

You can stream Miller's Crossing on Paramount+ now.