A Curious Fan Theory on Why Daemon Targaryen is Worthy of the Iron Throne

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You might be rooting for anybody, but who is the Iron Throne rooting for?

In the first episode of 'House of the Dragon', King Viserys Targaryen has to make a difficult choice and name his potential successor, picking between his brother Daemon and his daughter Rhaenyra.

It's always a complicated debate when it comes to deciding on who is worthy of absolute power the Iron Throne grants to the one sitting on it. However, some fans have noticed a curious little detail that might point to the throne's own preferences – if it even can have ones.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw Daemon sitting on the Iron Throne comfortably while no one but Rhaenyra was looking. He seemed to look very confident and the throne never injured him in any way – although it does consist of multiple daggers.

King Viserys, in his turn, seems to be truly struggling with the Iron Throne. At the beginning of the episode, doctors treat a wound that he received from sitting on the throne too much, as Viserys himself puts it. Then, when he and Daemon have a harsh conversation in the throne room, Viserys appears to cut his finger while sitting on it – yet another indication that he is too "weak" to be a king.

However, not every fan is ready to agree with that, even though many acknowledge that this is an interesting observation. Some people argue that Daemon only sat on the throne once; while Viserys, because of his king duties, obviously sits on it more often and therefore has more opportunities to get himself injured.

Still, there were characters in 'Game of Thrones' who were not very decent people – but still enjoyed comfort while sitting on the throne, like Jamie did for some time after killing Aerys. The point is, it doesn't mean all that much in a brutal world like that.

But even this little tweak might have an explanation.

"Maybe it means that bloodthirsty, ambitious men are more suited to the throne than weak kings." – /LordofFruitAndBarely

The battle for the Iron Throne is just getting started, with nine more episodes of 'House of the Dragon' to delve into the fight for power. New episodes arrive on HBO Max every Sunday.

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