A Fan Told Don Cheadle Ocean's Twelve Sucked; His Reaction? Priceless

A Fan Told Don Cheadle Ocean's Twelve Sucked; His Reaction? Priceless
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One of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, Don Cheadle has starred in many award-winning movies, including Hotel Rwanda, Crash, Boogie Nights, as an actual Avenger in the MCU, and of course The Ocean's Trilogy.

Who could forget his role as Basher? The explosives expert with a slightly dodgy cockney accent that even he admits is not his best. The Ocean's films were fun, action-packed, and slightly quirky. However, apparently not to everyone's taste.

According to Cheadle, some fans tell the esteemed actor himself their dislike for the Ocean's sequel and apparently receive a hilarious and honest reply back.

In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Cheadle discussed some of his more prominent roles. He revealed that although the first film is often widely praised, Ocean's Twelve gets a fair amount of hate. Claiming when often meeting people, they tell him they hate the movie unprompted.

Cheadle however, seems to take such criticism in stride, thanking them for their input but fully aware they have just insulted him and his in front of him. "Cool" he says, "you've just said that to my face like I'm not a person, but alright thank you". Simply calling them out on their rude behavior shows how classy Cheadle really is.

Fortunately, others' negative reactions to the film don't diminish his own opinion of it. For him, Ocean's Twelve remains his favorite film of the series, simply because they all had the most fun making it. Remembering filming at the time, Cheadle recounts how all the cast enjoyed their time in Italy so much as they got to spend a lot of time together as a big group.

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Unfortunately, the paparazzi limited much of their movements because of the complexity of producing such a big-budget movie. Especially one with some of Hollywood's top A-listers. Therefore during production, they rented the entire sixth floor of the de Russie Hotel in Rome. All of their families were able to stay there together, which Cheadle describes as a lot of fun.

There had been a few years between the first Ocean's film and the sequel, yet clearly, the cast is a group that consistently gets along very well.

In a separate interview, Cheadle also revealed that there may be a possibility for a fourth Ocean's film in the future. Meaning Danny Ocean and his crew will once again get the chance to come together for another grand heist, something which Cheadle naturally seems interested in.

Ocean's Twelve may have never quite matched the excellence of the first film, but Cheadle seems to have accepted it. The best part about the Ocean's Trilogy for him isn't necessarily the films themselves, but the fun of making them.