A Perfect Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Movie is Now on Prime

A Perfect Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Movie is Now on Prime
Image credit: Vertigo Releasing

The least obvious, but great option for holiday viewing.


  • It's December, so many of us are turning to holiday movies.
  • A great option might be the British Christmas zombie musical that was released exactly 5 years ago.
  • This movie perfectly balances eclectic elements while providing a thoughtful coming-of-age story.

It's December, and many of you are probably in the midst of getting ready for Christmas. At the same time, some of our readers are probably still in the Halloween mood, craving more horror and mystical vibes. Or maybe some of you are just looking for a fun movie that combines different genres. Whatever the case may be, we are always happy to bring you incredibly unique movies that are definitely worth watching!

And now, as Christmas approaches, all your wishes can come true: 5 years ago a movie was released in the UK that combines elements of zombie horror, Christmas comedy and musical at the same time. Yes, you heard right, today we're going to talk about the Christmas zombie musical movie Anna and the Apocalypse, which perfectly balances the three dubbed elements and delivers a thoughtful coming-of-age story that's sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

What Is This Movie About

Released on November 30, 2017, Anna and the Apocalypse tells the story of the title character, who lives in Little Haven, Scotland, and plans to take a gap year after graduation. Alongside her are the stories of her friends, artist Jack, filmmaker Chris and transfer student and activist Steph, as well as Anna's one night stand Nick. Each of them has their own fears and struggles, each of them is trying to find their place in life, and each of them is so preoccupied with their problems that the friends end up not noticing the invasion by a zombie infection.

The film is the work of the late screenwriter Ryan McHenry, who adapted the script of his own 2011 short film under the production company Black Camel. Sadly, McHenry passed away two years prior to the start of production on Anna and the Apocalypse after a long battle with cancer, and the script was eventually completed by his friend Alan McDonald. John McPhail, best known for this October's Dear David, was hired to direct the film.

The movie was brought to life by a previously little-known but incredibly talented cast. Anna was played by Ella Hunt, now known for the Apple TV+ Dickinson series. In addition, the villain, the self-absorbed authoritarian school principal Mr. Savage, who is a perfect example of classic but decent horror tropes, was played by Paul Kaye of Game of Thrones fame.

Special mention must go to composers Roddy Hart and Tommy Reilly, who provided the musical with great songs about chasing dreams, finding comfort in friends, and the futility of hunkering down even in the face of the most terrifying uncertainties.

Why It Is Worth Watching

Despite this crazy mixture, the writers have managed to find the perfect balance. The zombie fight scenes provide great slasher elements, and the cynical Mr. Savage adds no small amount of suspense. There's drama in the lives of every character: the teenagers are immersed in their own problems and don't notice the apocalypse at first, but learn to adapt with their friends, while the adults, quick to react to the changes in the world and their town, find themselves too tied up in their own ambitions to survive.

And it's all accompanied by great jokes and songs — well, who knew that the most effective weapon would be a plastic candy cane?

Where to Watch It

Anna and the Apocalypse is now available on Amazon Prime Video if you have an AMC+ or Shudder subscription (you can also watch it directly on Shudder). It is also available for streaming on YouTube and The Roku Channel by subscription. The film is also for rent on Apple TV, Vudu, Redbox and Google Play.