A Single Line in No Way Home Cut Scene Sets Up Daredevil's Armor Wars Return

A Single Line in No Way Home Cut Scene Sets Up Daredevil's Armor Wars Return
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Daredevil was among the most popular characters of Marvel Comics, leaving fans disappointed when he spent years never quite fitting into the MCU.

He starred in the highly-rated Netflix series Daredevil, somewhat adjacent to MCU canon.

That all changed with his surprise cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and one deleted scene might have set him up for an appearance in another upcoming MCU movie.

Charlie Cox played Daredevil in the show's three-season run before its cancellation in 2018.

He appeared in No Way Home as Spider-Man's lawyer, successfully dropping all charges that were based on Mysterio's lies at the end of Far From Home.

In his brief scene, he mentioned that while Peter was in the clear, Happy Hogan might be in a bit of trouble. This was discussed further in a deleted scene, released by Netflix India to celebrate the release of the movie on their platform.

It started in a scene from the theatrical release – Peter was rallying the multiverse-displaced villains to remove their powers and, thus, their villainy.

Peter, Aunt May, and the villains share an awkward elevator ride up to Happy's apartment. Meanwhile, Happy is meeting with a group of lawyers, joined by his own lawyer, Matt Murdock – Daredevil.

Murdock is explaining that Happy doesn't have anything to do with the mysterious "missing technology" – he's a "law-abiding citizen" with "nothing to hide."

Happy's phone dings and he looks down. He becomes quickly flustered when his doorbell camera shows the teenage superhero bringing a group of supervillains into his abode. "Stop sweating," Murdock whispers to his client.

In the confines of the movie, it's a throw-away scene meant to garner a couple laughs. But in the grander MCU, it could be setting up Daredevil's return in Armor Wars.

The "missing technology" could very well be the missing Stark tech that falls into the wrong hands, the major plot point of the upcoming Armor Wars.

And Murdock could be serving as Happy's lawyer in Armor Wars as well, or he might don his mask and join Rhodey as Daredevil.

After his short appearance in No Way Home, it would be the perfect way to bring Daredevil back to the big screen before his inevitable appearance in the next Avengers films.

Armor Wars, originally planned as a limited series before being promoted to feature film, does not yet have a release date. Cox has not been officially announced for Armor Wars or any other upcoming MCU theatrical film.

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As of now, Daredevil is relegated to Disney+ limited series appearances. He was a surprise star in She-Hulk last year, and will soon star in Echo later this year and Daredevil: Born Again in the spring of 2024.