A24’s New Dystopian War Movie Cast Its Best Star By Pure Accident

A24’s New Dystopian War Movie Cast Its Best Star By Pure Accident
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These were probably the best 10 minutes of the film.


  • Alex Garland ’s Civil War has been breaking all possible records ever since its release a couple of days ago — the movie managed to achieve significant milestones in box office and to get the critics’ praises.
  • Despite the fact that it’s Kirsten Dunst who is leading the cast here, it’s another actor’s performance that blew all the viewers away.
  • Surprisingly enough, Jesse Plemons was never supposed to be in the film, but a happy coincidence brought him yet another brilliant role.

It took roughly three days for Alex Garland’s Civil War starring Kirsten Dunst to become an unexpectedly huge success with both critics and viewers making more than a half of the initial budget during the opening weekend and garnering everyone’s accolades.

And though Kirsten Dunst may be the one who was supposed to steal the show, it was another actor’s brief appearance that got most of the praises all over the Internet — what’s even more intriguing, this actor wasn’t supposed to be in the film at all.

For Kirsten Dunst, who rose to prominence thanks to her leading female role in Spider-man with Tobey Maguire, the brand new movie didn’t come as the first opportunity to collaborate with her real-life husband Jesse Plemons.

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A proclaimed actor himself, Plemons most recently made a thrilling appearance in Martin Scorsese ’s Killers of the Flower Moon alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. In Alex Garland’s Civil War he nonetheless landed a minor, yet very significant role — and it all happened by a fluke.

As the director himself revealed during CinemaBlend’s in-house podcast, Plemons would’ve never been in the film if it hadn’t been for another actor that had dropped out a week before shooting the scenes with him.

The crew immediately got stressed as the scene where Plemons’ character interrogates Kirsten Dunst and her group of journalists was indispensable — thus they needed to be very quick to find a substitute.

Garland then recounted that he had a solid plan of discussing the emerging problem with everyone present on set — and suddenly it was Kirsten Dunst who gave a helping hand. According to the director, the actress got to call her husband to check whether he was available for the role — and, luckily, he was.

Garland’s last-minute rearrangement eventually turned into the film’s best moments — despite Jesse Plemons’ relatively small role, his almost accidental appearance in Civil War delivered one of the movie’s most mesmerizing performances contributing to Alex Garland’s work’s immense achievements.

Source: CinemaBlend