Adam Sandler’s 1996 Iconic Movie Sequel May Save His Career After Recent Netflix Failure

Adam Sandler’s 1996 Iconic Movie Sequel May Save His Career After Recent Netflix Failure
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The reboot trend may be followed by one more cult film.


  • Spaceman, Adam Sandler ’s recent Netflix movie, came as a big disappointment for 2023's highest-paid actor as the film ended up with a mediocre score of 50% on Rotten Tomatoes and didn’t receive any good reviews from critics.
  • Though Adam Sandler’s recent acting career is associated with the Netflix failed movie, the actor is reportedly working on another exciting project that will come as a sequel for his iconic comedy from 1996.
  • Despite not being appreciated that much by critics, Sandler’s 1996 film became a fan-favorite comedy and a true cultural phenomenon.

2024 didn’t start that well for Adam Sandler — despite being named the highest-paid actor of the last year, the actor obviously hoped to continue his successful path with Netflix’s brand new science fiction drama Spaceman that was released a bit more than a month ago.

Now that the movie didn’t live up to the expectations and kicked it off with only 50% on Rotten Tomatoes, Sandler is seemingly having another big project on the way — and this one can bring his lost success back on track.

Back in 1996, Adam Sandler starred in a comedy Happy Gilmore that, according to Sandler himself, was loosely based on his childhood friend’s story. The plot follows — surprisingly — Happy Gilmore, who aspires to be a professional ice hockey player, but in fact has zero talent for it.

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When Happy finds out that his beloved grandma can be deprived of her house, he takes drastic measures and enters a golf competition — and there discovers that this is what he’s talented in.

Though the comedy didn’t quite impress the critics, it nonetheless found a huge number of fans across the world that gave the film a solid 85% on Rotten Tomatoes and eventually made it a true cultural phenomenon and the 1990s’ cult movie.

Perhaps such a wide admiration became the essential reason for the film’s creators to think about a potential sequel — and the fact that Happy Gilmore is about to celebrate its 30th anniversary doesn’t even disturb anyone as the second film is reportedly already in the works.

If the sensational comedy does indeed get a remake soon, it may become a real life-safer for Adam Sandler — though his previous movies like You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah or Leo showed quite impressive results with the professional critics, the actor’s career right now is marked by the recent Netflix flop that sadly broke his high-rated trend for a while.