Adding to Our Childhood Trauma, Lion's King Original Ending Had Someone Burn to Death

Adding to Our Childhood Trauma, Lion's King Original Ending Had Someone Burn to Death
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"Hakuna Matata, it means no worries", is a phrase known by anyone who remembers The Lion King.

However, the family film, which was loosely based on Shakespeare's Hamlet, was not all sun rises and merry tunes. It was also the film that scarred (no pun intended) a whole generation by including Mufasa's death.

Many may think it could not have possibly been any worse. However, they would be wrong. Because Disney 's plan for the original ending of the film would have been much, much darker.

Fans will recall the end of the film sees Simba and the lionesses battle against the villainous Scar and his hyenas on Pride Rock.

In a dramatic setting engulfed by fire, Simba wrestles with his uncle, after which Scar admits to killing his father. Although using some dirty tactics, Scar ultimately loses the fight. He falls from a cliff, but unlike the brother he murdered, Scar survives the fall.

After he attempted to betray the hyenas, they are not best pleased and turn on him. Not much is seen visually except for the vague silhouette of Scar's cries as the disturbing sounds of hyena cackle overwhelm him.

Although this ending sounds rather brutal, in comparison with Disney's original intentions, it's much tamer than what could have been included. Many aspects of the fight between Scar and Simba seem the same.

However, Scar has the upper hand throughout most of it. When Scar leaps forward, attempting to kill Simba, he is again thrown off the ledge. Scar is left dangling off the side, clutching for survival and echoing the irony of the same situation he put Mufasa in.

Simba seems not totally convinced about rescuing his uncle and is right not to be. Scar attempts one last attack but loses his hold and falls from the ledge. He calls out as he dramatically drops into the flames. Manically laughing as he burns to death.

Why the creators changed the ending from their initial plans is uncertain. However, it's possible that such a brutal and graphic death was considered too explicit for a children's movie. Also, this version of events, in a way, reflects poorly on Simba.

Although he ultimately wins the fight, Scar prevails for most of it. And once Scar is hanging off the cliff, Simba questions why he should show him mercy. Simba may not have been the final cause of Scar's death, but it hardly proves him to be the noble and strong leader who seconds later becomes the King of Pride Rock.

Overall, considering one character already traumatically falls to their death in the film, it was wise not to do the same with Scar.

As a villain, his best qualities are his deviousness, his lust for power, and his wit.

The ending he received was best suited to his character, and not the one which portrays him as a psychopathic baddie. Not to mention, it probably would have been too disturbing for children as well.