Adrien Brody Joins Rian Johnson's Crime Series 'Poker Face'

Image credit: Legion-Media

Rian Johnson's television debut 'Poker Face' is nearing the start of production, with Adrien Brody joining previously announced cast members Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natasha Lyonne.

The original Peacock series will experiment with the traditional procedural format, with each episode centered on a different murder each week. It will be interesting to see how Hollywood mastermind will change this (maybe just a bit corny) format used by so many modern TV shows, including long-running 'NCIS' and 'FBI'.

The partially revealed cast certainly promises something very ambitious – and with Oscar-winning Adrien Brody joining the series in an undisclosed role, anticipation for the upcoming show has undoubtedly peaked. Previously working with Johnson on the set of sleuth flick 'Brothers Bloom', Brody will flex his acting skills once again, proving that his exclusion from major Hollywood productions was a big mistake.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their favorite actor in the upcoming prestigious series, hoping that he will finally get back in the spotlight he deserves.

Some fans are already comparing stacked 'Poker Face' cast to that of Nolan's 'Oppenheimer', joking about it over at Twitter.

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