After Losing DC, Zack Snyder Claims to Know Why Fans Hate Him; Is He Right?

After Losing DC, Zack Snyder Claims to Know Why Fans Hate Him; Is He Right?
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DC’s former boss Zack Snyder claims he fully understands his biggest anti-fans.


  • Zack Snyder’s DCEU was highly controversial, with many DC fans calling it unfaithful to the source material.
  • The former DC boss claims he understands the hate for his movies as he, too, is just as passionate about comics.
  • However, the director doesn’t understand how and why someone who doesn’t like his works would hate him personally.

Zack Snyder’s DCEU was a hit-or-miss in everyone’s book: the notorious director’s approach to DC’s most iconic stories gained him as many avid fans as genuine haters. Snyder put his vision beyond what many considered the sacred canon, and for that, the Snyder-verse was often called out on not being faithful to the comic.

Now that Zack Snyder’s no longer in charge of the DC’s cinematic universe, he claims to understand those who hated his work. But would you agree with his words?

Snyder Says He’s Just Like His Haters

During his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Zack Snyder addressed his controversial reputation among DC fans — and the strong feelings many of them feel toward him and his work. According to the director, he completely understands them because he, too, is a huge DC fan just like his worst haters.

“I love that [fans] feel this passionately. In no way would I criticize that because I live the same life. For me, it’s morning, noon, and night. For those guys, it’s not just a movie. So you have to, on some level, you have to acknowledge that this is their religion. And they feel strongly about it. The truth is, it’s my religion, too,” Snyder explained.

But even then, there’s one thing the ex-DC boss fails to understand: personal hate.

Snyder Has One Issue with His Haters

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While completely understanding of those who despise and slander his movies, the director feels like one thing is definitely off. As a creator, Snyder takes full responsibility for his work, but he doesn’t feel like his interpreting DC stories in a way someone didn’t like was a viable reason to hate him personally, as a human being.

“I remember the last article said, ‘Zack Snyder: Love him or hate him,’ and I’m like, ‘Hate him?!’ I don’t understand. What? It’s a movie... I have no issue with you not liking the movie; that’s not the question. Who cares? The thing is, you’d hate me?.. I don't understand that,” the former DC boss shared.

On this one, we can’t help but agree with Zack Snyder: someone’s art not fitting your expectations is not ground enough to genuinely hate that person. The art itself, sure. But if a kid drew a wonky ugly cat, you don’t just start hating them, do you?..

We hope you don’t.

Do you agree with Zack Snyder?

Source: Joe Rogan Experience via YouTube