Age is Just a Number: The 10 Oldest Actors to Ever Win an Oscar

Age is Just a Number: The 10 Oldest Actors to Ever Win an Oscar
Image credit: Legion-Media

While an actor's career tends to reach its full potential with age, that doesn't always translate into critical and award recognition.

Hollywood history is littered with hundreds of wonderful actors who worked for dozens of years without ever being nominated for an Oscar, while their co-stars were showered with golden statuettes.

However, dedication to the craft and a willingness to push the boundaries of acting will surely pay off eventually, and these 10 oldest actors to win an Oscar are the most definitive proof of this maxim:

As the 10 great performers listed above prove, old age is not a problem for a dedicated actor. Of course, older actors are usually typecast as wise elders or bumbling seniors, but in recent years this trend has begun to die down and older actors have finally been allowed to experiment with their roles.

It was incredibly satisfying to see actors like Christopher Plummer and Henry Fonda finally recognized for their long and storied careers in Hollywood so late in life, earning golden statuettes after decades of rejection.

Sadly, young actors get all the praise every year, while old and extremely talented performers are left with a limited number of opportunities to showcase their acting talents. Luckily, at least these 10 misfits were able to win an Oscar!

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