AI-Designed James Bond Proves We Were All Wrong About Who Should Play 007

AI-Designed James Bond Proves We Were All Wrong About Who Should Play 007
Image credit: globallookpress

After years of speculation about who should take over the James Bond reigns after Daniel Craig, we may finally have an answer (all thanks to an AI!).

The James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli has outlined the official casting requirements for the next Agent 007 – it must be a British male actor who is no older than 40 and no shorter than 5'10. Simple enough, right?

Game company Unwind Media thought so too and fed these requirements into the DeepDream AI generator.

The result was spectacularly surprising, as it actually bears an uncanny resemblance to the frontrunner for the role, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Not only does the actor fit the bill, but he also seems to be the top candidate for the role, reportedly having already auditioned!

AI 007 looks quite James Bondy, and only the weird-looking fingers give away the fact that the person in the photo is not real.

Soon, this will be our only hope of distinguishing between actual people and AI-generated images…

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While Taylor-Johnson is on the short list for the role along with other prominent actors, such as Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Richard Madden, and Regé-Jean Page, the AI-designed James Bond looks a bit like some other Hollywood stars.

Outlander actor Sam Heughan is the one that immediately comes to mind. He would even meet the casting requirements if he weren't already 42.

Oh, well, maybe the James Bond people will overlook that?

Other fans have noticed a passing resemblance to James Norton and Michael Fassbender. We even kind of see it, too.

The company that commissioned the image spoke out about all of this (via The Times), saying that the fact that the AI could "create such a realistic image of someone based on such little information" was "fascinating."

The representatives also acknowledged the "close resemblance" to Aaron Taylor-Johnson, adding that it would be great if the actor got the iconic part.

The next 007 movie won't be released for a few more years, so we'll have to wait to find out if the AI has in fact predicted the future or not.

We do believe that Aaron would do an amazing job of bringing James Bond into the new era.

Source: The Times