Alex Garland’s New Movie Was Expected To Be a Flop — Instead It Surpassed Dune: Part 2

Alex Garland’s New Movie Was Expected To Be a Flop — Instead It Surpassed Dune: Part 2
Image credit: Legion-Media, A24

In spite of a quite worn out plot, the film is A24’s greatest success so far.


  • Alex Garland ’s brand new film didn’t evoke any excitement while it was announced, but it seems to be breaking all the possible records right now.
  • The movie’s plot doesn’t bring up anything especially new and revolves around a group of journalists dealing with rebellions that enclosed the post-apocalyptic United States.
  • Though the film got its official release three days ago, it nonetheless managed to make a record win during the opening in theaters while also getting the critics’ delighted reviews.

Alex Garland’s Civil War starring Kirsten Dunst was released just a couple of days ago and already made quite a fuss despite everyone’s low expectations.

The plot that gives “I think I’ve seen this film before” feeling seemed nothing new in particular from Garland’s part, yet the movie somehow managed to make a big win even after the first weekend in the cinemas — and even got the critics’ favor.

Civil War is indeed something that you may have seen before — the plot follows a group of journalists headed by Kirsten Dunst’s character that travels across the post-apocalyptic United States destroyed by the first civil war.

Meanwhile the second one is already on its way and the journalists embark on a pace with time as they try to reach Washington, D.C., before rebels take the White House over.

Despite everyone’s skepticism about Garland’s dystopia, Civil War kicked it off with $25 million in its piggy bank during the first weekend after the release on April 12 — surprisingly, even Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part 2 wasn’t that high-grossing within the same amount of time.

On top of that, the film wasn’t ignored by the critics either and now boasts a solid 83% on Rotten Tomatoes with the viewers’ score of 77%.

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With all the merits combined, Civil War has become an unexpected leader among all the other commercial hits produced by A24 by having the best opening that the studio has ever had. The moviegoers don’t stay aside and confirm the film’s stunning success calling it insane and pretty much deserving of being acknowledged this way.

Multiple broken records have marked Civil War’s first days in the theatrical run and the crew have all the reasons to expect more accolades and box office breakthrough — at least the fact that the film will break even is quite clear.