Alice Cullen's Human Backstory Might as Well Be Twilight's Most Tragic

Alice Cullen's Human Backstory Might as Well Be Twilight's Most Tragic
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Even though the books and the movies never actually delve into Alice's story, Stephanie Meyer has shed light on her human past.

You thought Edward or Rosalie's story of turning into vampires was dramatic? Wait until you know how Alice, the literal sunshine of the Cullen family, got to live the immortal and sparkly life of a vegetarian blood-sucker.

Alice's past was not something that the books or movies focused on a lot, paying more attention to other characters. However, Alice's story is available in Twilight 's Official Illustrated Guide, which means we do know how she canonically was turned into a vampire.

It turns out that she was Alice Brandon once, born in 1901 in Mississippi. From her early age, she had premonitions, so everybody in her town believed she was a witch. Then, her mother was murdered, and father found another wife, so Alice escaped into a nearby town where her father had her committing to an asylum. There, Alice met an unnamed vampire doctor, whom she befriended.

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Later, Alice had a vision that she was being tracked by James — yes, that very James who hunted down Bella in the first Twilight movie. Alice's new friend was the one who turned her, and even sacrificed himself to give her time to escape. Only after this Alice got to meet Jasper, and the two joined the Cullen family in the 1950s.

Now that is a history that really makes one respect Alice for somehow managing to always stay positive and lovely. However, it's clear why it's so easy for Alice to channel good vibes: according to the books and the movies, she does not even remember her human past.

We are not saying anything right now, but if someone is looking for an exciting Twilight spinoff idea... Alice Cullen and her chilling story is right there.