All 12 New Sci-fi Movies Coming to Netflix in 2024 & Beyond

All 12 New Sci-fi Movies Coming to Netflix in 2024 & Beyond
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The best Sci-Fi movies coming to Netflix this year.

2024 is shaping up to be a big year for science fiction, with tons of brand-new movies coming to Netflix in the coming months. These 12 exciting sci-fi movies promise to deliver plenty of action, thrills, adventures, and inspiration to keep you entertained for the rest of the year.

The Kitchen

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Release Date: January 18th

A dystopian British sci-fi drama centered on a housing crisis in a future version of London. This is the first feature film directed by Daniel Kaluuya and Kibwe Tavares, who's mix of socio-economic story and action-packed sequences is sure to make for a thought-provoking and thrilling watch.


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Release Date: March 1st

Adam Sandler 's latest more serious role, this Netflix original stars him as an astronaut sent on a long journey to the edge of the solar system. But when his mental well-being begins to unravel, he encounters a strange creature who offers to help him put his life back together. Alongside Carey Mulligan and the voice of Paul Dano, this looks to be another surefire hit for Sandler; though perhaps not for those with siderphobia (fear of the stars) - be warned.

Rebel Moon: Part Two – The Scargiver

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Release Date: April 19th

The second part to the hugely popular first half ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire’ released in December 2023, which received 63 million views in its first week. Rebel Moon is best described as an epic space opera, written by the dark and visionary filmmaker Zach Snyder. Part two will continue to tell the story of Kora and her team of warriors as they battle against the Imperium to save the galaxy.


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Release Date: February 2024

The sequel to the crowdfunded sci-fi action film Code 8 (2019), the rights to which have now been acquired by Netflix, the continuing story sees Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell return to their roles as superpowered criminals of the future. This time, they must work together to help a teenage girl caught up in a corrupt police cover-up.


Release Date: TBA

Another Netflix action thriller starring global megastar J.Lo after the success of last year's Mother. The story of Atlas will be set in a bleak future where an AI soldier has decided that the only way to end war is to end humanity instead. The movie will also star Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Abraham Popool and Lana Parrilla.


Release Date: TBA

This exciting Brazilian thriller contains familiar themes of technology, but from a less common perspective than most sci-fi blockbusters. The plot focuses on the character of Maria, who dreams of competing against her sister in sports. But when new robotics are developed that make Paralympic athletes the new sports stars, she is forced to turn to a world of crime and violence.


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Release Date: TBA

BioShock is one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved video games of all time, so it's no surprise that the promise of a live-action movie has fans buzzing. Though few details have been released, the script was said to be completed and production confirmed as of last February.

With more news likely to be revealed soon, the commitment to bringing the world and characters so loved by so many to life on the big screen already makes this one of the most anticipated movies of the year.

I Am Not Alone

Release Date: TBA

Based on a short story by author Chris Hicks, the rights to this adaptation reportedly sparked a bidding war between studios, which Netflix ultimately won. The movie is set to star Jessica Chastain and will be written by Misha Green (Lovecraft Country, Underground). Not much is known about the plot, but the original short story is said to be about a mother who begins hallucinating dangerous creatures after suffering from unbearable migraines.

The Electric State

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Release Date: TBA

A sci-fi adventure film from the acclaimed Russo brothers, The Electric State will star Milly Bobby Brown, Chris Pratt, Ke Huy Quan, Stanley Tucci, Jason Alexander, Brian Cox, Jenny Slate, Giancarlo Esposito, Anthony Mackie and Billy Bob Thornton. With such a talented cast and producers, the movie is sure to be a hit for the streaming service. The plot will likely follow the graphic novel it is based on fairly closely, focusing on a girl and her robot who set out to find her missing brother.

The Great Flood (Daehongsu)

Release Date: TBA

A new South Korean disaster thriller, the movie is exactly what you'd expect from the title. Starring Kim Da-Mi and Park Hae-Soo, their characters An-Na and Hee-Zo must fight to survive a massive flood that suddenly sweeps across the globe.

The Mothership

Release Date: TBA

This movie has been teased for release since 2022, so hopefully this is the year that this sci-fi adventure will finally be available.

The synopsis for the film reveals the story of a wife and mother (played by Halle Berry) who discovers a strange, alien object a year after her husband's mysterious disappearance. With the help of their children, they must race to get him back.


Release Date: TBA

A Black Mirror-esque sci-fi action fantasy based on Scott Westerfeld's novel of the same name, Uglies is set in a dystopian future where surgery is mandatory to erase physical differences and make everyone pretty. That is, until one girl takes a stand against the system. Starring Joey King as Tally Youngblood, as well as Keith Powers, Brianne Tju, Chase Stokes and Laverne Cox, this is certainly a movie to look forward to.