Allison's Comeback Will Ruin Scott and Malia for Teen Wolf Fans

Allison's Comeback Will Ruin Scott and Malia for Teen Wolf Fans
Image credit: MTV

Fans of Scalia are worried that the resurrection of Allison in the upcoming movie will cancel season 6 and screw up the Scott/Malia relationship.

The Teen Wolf revival movie is set to premiere on January 26, 2023, more than five years after the Teen Wolf show finale aired. The most shocking piece of info for Teen Wolf fans has become the return of Hunter Allison Argent – played by Crystal Reed – who died in season 3 during a dramatic battle between Scott McCall's pack and the Japanese warrior spirits, the Oni. Allison's death has become a tragic pivotal moment for major characters of the show, especially for Scott, who had been in love with Allison since the day they met.

Eventually, Scott moved on from his grief for Allison, and in the final season, Scott's relationship with his packmate Werecoyote Malia developed into a romantic one. The couple was shown to be dating in the flashforward scene at the end of the series' final episode, a development many Teen Wolf fans approved of.

However, now that the return of Crystal Reed as Allison has been officially confirmed, fans are concerned that this move could ruin what was slowly built in the final season of the show. "Might as well cancel season 6 altogether because none of it makes sense now if that's the route this movie goes," Redditor wizkylifa11 wrote.

Fans agree that the resurrection of Allison would be unfair to Scott and could destroy any growth he had as a character beyond her.

"Even more so than ruining the Scott Malia relationship, her coming back is going to ruin Scott's character and many others, I feel. Scott was terrible in the first two seasons, and it was because of Allison. The only way this resurrection works for me is if she's back as a possessed bad guy and stays that way," the commenter explained, opening another discussion into the meaninglessness of bringing the long-dead character back for the movie.

"Not a fan of Scalia. But, to be fair, I'm even less of a fan of Allison's resurrection and will be rolling my eyes at every change they've made to the characters and their dynamics/relationships solely to support Allison being shoehorned back in," another Redditor wrote, expressing a common sentiment among the Teen Wolf fans.