Always-Critical Industry Expert Surprisingly Backs HBO's Harry Potter Reboot

Always-Critical Industry Expert Surprisingly Backs HBO's Harry Potter Reboot
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The news of the upcoming Harry Potter reboot in the form of a TV series got the world buzzing lately, and most fans were uncertain whether it was a good or a bad thing, but now even the biggest reboot critic seems to support the idea.

There are many uncertainties when it comes to the new MAX TV show on Harry Potter.

Pretty much all we know at the moment is that every book will be translated into an entire season, and not much else has been shared so far.

Some of the fans are beaming, and others are enraged at the thought of someone replacing their beloved actors.

One of the biggest concerns is the concept itself: why reboot a perfectly working movie series when there's so much else in the Wizarding World the new show could cover?

Many claim that the only reason behind the reboot is milking the money cow once again without coming up with anything new.

If there is one person in the industry who we expected to share this position, it's John Rocha.

The famous expert and The Cine-Files podcast host has always been known for his unrelenting criticism of Hollywood's reboot obsession (or, rather, plague). But this time, Rocha surprised everyone and proved to be a wild card.

In his recent The Hot Mic episode on YouTube, John Rocha showed open support for HBO's ambition to revive and reinvent the Harry Potter franchise.

What makes this reboot so special, according to Rocha, is that the series will allow for proper exploration of the many subplots the original movies cut out for no good reason.

Unlike the typical reboots he hates on, this one is more about adding to the world and flashing it out instead of just doing the same thing all over again to raise the same money with no extra effort, claims the expert.

"We've had 20 James Bonds, we've multiple Batmans, we can have another Harry Potter. We'll all f**king live, we'll all be able to make it," Rocha insists.

This totally unexpected support from a man who's known for the complete opposite alleviated some concerns of the fans, and the Harry Potter community gained more hope.

All that's left now is to keep a close eye on the project's news, but don't worry: we'll do it for you and let you know as soon as something big comes up.

Source: The Hot Mic