Amazon Trolls Fans With Sauron Guessing Game-Related Meme

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Finally, the studio has addressed the main mystery of the show… in its own unique way.

As 'The Rings of Power' fans continue to guess which one of the characters in the show might be Sauron in disguise, Prime Video has decided to weigh in and fuel the fire.

Apparently trolling those who scratch their heads while trying to detect the big bad guy among the characters, the Prime Video Twitter account has shared a meme about these guesses, quipping that "Everyone asks who is Sauron, but no one asks HOW is Sauron…"

But even the slight trolling did not stop fans from continuing their search for the dark wizard. As of now, there are several candidates for being Sauron in the show: the Stranger (who, ironically, might also be Gandalf), Halbrand, Celebrimbor, Theo, and Adar. Still, with every new episode, this list keeps growing, because fans are now suspecting everyone who looks even remotely evil or bizarre.

But Prime Video is not alone to joke about 'The Rings of Power' fans turning into detectives. Ema Horvath, who portrays Eärien in the series, has shared a 'Sex in the City' meme in her Instagram stories, joking that "As I read through all the theories on [Reddit], I couldn't help but wonder… what if I'm Sauron?".

Her character has not enjoyed much screen time yet. Horvath portrays Elendil's daughter who is a skilled builder and was accepted into the guild as an apprentice. But at this point… who knows, right?

Memes about the identity of "the hidden Sauron" are multiplying online, with people joking that "maybe the real Sauron was the friends we made along the way", or "Galadriel is Sauron". At this point, the identity of the villain in disguise – if there even is one – becomes less and less clear.

It would seem there is only one way to find out – stay tuned and watch the remaining episodes of 'The Rings of Power' as they come out. The show is streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes premiering every Friday.

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