An Old 'Thor' Character Confirmed To Appear In 'Love and Thunder' Post-Credit Scene

An Old 'Thor' Character Confirmed To Appear In 'Love and Thunder' Post-Credit Scene
Image credit: Legion-Media

Given Marvel's trademark penchant for Easter eggs, hints and foreshadowing, it's no surprise that fans are impatient to see what or who might appear in the post-credit scenes of 'Thor 4'.

The world premiere of Taika Waititi 's latest blockbuster just took place in Los Angeles, and some lucky viewers have already managed to witness Thor's struggle to defeat the dreaded Gorr the God Butcher from start to finish. And apparently, insiders have succeeded in getting some first-hand news directly from viewers, sharing some exciting news about the post-credit scenes online.

According to one such professional, there will be two post-credit scenes in 'Love and Thunder', one of which will introduce a brand-new character to the MCU, and another will provide an update on one old 'Thor' character. So, who is this mysterious hero or villain?

Thanks to the insider himself, fans already know that this previously seen character is not Loki, Odin or Malekith, which actually narrows the list of potential candidates considerably. In a thread on Reddit fans discussed all the possibilities and came to the conclusion that this character could be the beloved scientist played by Stellan Skarsgård.

"All the Asgardian supporting cast are dead except for alternate Loki and Sif. Alternate Loki’s in his show and Sif is in the actual movie. From the Earth supporting cast, there’s Coulson (now a robot, but the movies will never mention that), Darcy (who was just in WandaVision), Jane (who’s in the actual movie), Ian (Darcy’s intern boyfriend, and why would anyone want closure with him?) and Selvig. Selvig’s the only one we haven’t seen in years so it makes sense it’s him." – /blackbutterfree.

And some fans even tried to guess the plot of the scene, coming up with some very insightful and wholesome theories.

"I bet it's Darcy meeting with Erik. Especially since we've gotten Darcy back in recent years. I bet we see her again for something related to the multiverse." – /Danishroyalty.

'Thor: Love and Thunder ' will premiere on July 8, 2022.