Andrew Garfield Doesn't Care Who Your Favorite Spider Man Is

Andrew Garfield Doesn't Care Who Your Favorite Spider Man Is
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But we know there’s only one right answer.


  • After Sam Raimi 's Spider-Man series abruptly ended on the 3rd film, the development of a new franchise, The Amazing Spider-Man, began.
  • Andrew Garfield was cast as the new Peter Parker, and fans of the hero were already divided on his performance.
  • As the universe expanded years later, the argument over who was the best Spider-Man never stopped.
  • Garfield, however, now claims that he is completely over it.

If there is one argument that the Internet has definitely taken from real life and blown out of proportion, as it usually does, it is the argument about people's favorite Spider-Man. There are as many opinions on the subject as there are people, and everyone seems to believe wholeheartedly that only their opinion can be considered the right one.

The reality, however, is a bit more complicated. The origins of the argument go all the way back to the struggle for the character's existence in Sony's Spider-Man universe, which was shared with the MCU. There were many ups and downs in the process of determining how the character should be portrayed to allow for cross-over between the universes.

Fans of Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man were forced to come to his defense in the face of elimination. Unfortunately, the pleas did not help, and The Amazing Spider-Man was scrapped, along with everything else that was scheduled to come out after it.

Andrew Garfield Is Over The Spider-Man Argument

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No matter how bitter some people may still be that things with Sony's Spider-Man did not work out the way they expected, it may be the right time to put the feud behind us. With three live-action actors taking on the role, and an insane amount of animated versions of the beloved character being explored lately, 2023 is the year to end the heated discussion.

And if you were in need of a special peace connoisseur, Andrew Garfield might be just the man for the job. If he's not going out of his way to be everyone's favorite, then you shouldn't be either. Speaking to Variety, the actor seems to have put an end to a competition:

“I’m 40 years old. If you love me, fine, and if you don’t love me, it’s your loss,” he said.

After all, the more variety you can get with your favorite character, the better. Trends seem to change so quickly that many people's favorites may not end up in the spotlight. Having so many iterations to watch and the privilege of choosing favorites should be enough to be thankful for.

The Amazing Spider-Man series, as well as other adaptations of Peter Parker's impressive story, are available to stream and compare on Disney Plus.

Source: Variety