Andrew Scott’s Criminally Overlooked 96%-Rated Gem Finally Streaming on Hulu

Andrew Scott’s Criminally Overlooked 96%-Rated Gem Finally Streaming on Hulu
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Catch up on the heartbreaking story, which is now available for home viewing.


  • All of Us Strangers, an Andrew Scott- starring movie about reuniting with parents and with your inner self, bombed theaters last year and now hits Hulu.
  • In spite of the ignore of the awards, it is definitely worth your time and tears

All of Us Strangers has become one of the greatest Internet hits last year, featuring both highly-appreciated actors Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal and astonishing cinematic code built by the director Andrew Haigh.

It bombed hard at the box office in the second half of 2023 and, despite massive public’s praise, main cinematography awards such as BAFTAs and Oscars have ignored it.

But now you can watch it online at home and fully realize how wrong they were not to celebrate its creators.

Based on a 1987 novel by Taichi Yamada, All of Us Strangers presents us Adam (played by Scott), a screenwriter clinging to his lonely life resembling a groundhog day. In an improvised trip to his childhood home he started seeing ghosts of his parents (Claire Foy and Jamie Bell), who had died in a car crash long ago, speaking with him as if nothing had ever happened.

Then comes a sequence of visits and warm conversations in which Adam realizes how his parents’ relationships could develop, which traits of character they possessed and how the tragedy of his family had really affected his life.

Along with that, a love story between Adam and his neighbor Harry (Mescal) is about to bloom. We follow the scenes of their emotional and physical intimacy as the main character is reflecting upon his sexuality, aspirations and place in the world as a whole.

However, in the second act of the film it’s hard to understand which of them are real and which of them are just daydreaming of Adam, stuck in his inner mind trap and fears.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Haigh confessed his former doubts about casting Foy and Bell as Adam’s parents, given the fact they are younger than Scott, who played their son. But while filming it, their acting was so impeccable and real, so his fear ran away seeing “it was working emotionally.”

According to the huge amount of positive reviews from both critics and theater attenders, the Internet can’t even agree with him more.

“The conversation between him and his mother in the bed when he couldn’t sleep was what hit me the hardest,” recalls the impressions on the movie the Reddit user @akbanx.

Literally everybody can relate to this touching story of finding yourself and discovering your roots, past traumas, and preferences.

All of Us Strangers is streaming on Hulu right now and is available to buy from Prime Video and iTunes in the US as well.

Source: Digital Spy