Angelina Jolie Fired Her Manager After Losing a Role in Movie With 10 Oscar Nods

Angelina Jolie Fired Her Manager After Losing a Role in Movie With 10 Oscar Nods
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The manager's mistake was the last straw for the actress' patience.

In 2000, before her 25th birthday, Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for her supporting role in the drama Girl, Interrupted.

Although, as is often the case, early wins at the world's most important film awards do not always open all doors in the movie business.

Despite her status as one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, Jolie did not always manage to get a role.

She missed out on a lot of interesting roles that went to her colleagues and once her manager played a significant role in this.

Alfonso Cuaron's movie Gravity became a real event in 2013, receiving ten nominations and seven Oscars.

There are only two main characters in the movie, but the viewers spend most of the time watching Sandra Bullock's main character in space.

Bullock had to spend most of the movie alone, and did as well as can be expected from a Hollywood actress in a one-woman show.

She holds the audience's attention just as well as gorgeous vistas of space or large-scale space collisions.

However, the role almost went to Angelina Jolie, and losing it angered the actress so much that she fired her manager Geyer Kosinski.

Initially, Alfonso Cuaron and the film studio involved in the production of the project wanted to see Jolie in their movie and made her an offer several times.

However, the media reported that the actress refused to participate. Later, the director said that Jolie decided to take on another project instead of Gravity.

Considering how quickly Kosinski was fired after the resounding success of Cuaron's movie, which propelled Bullock's career to new heights, it was he who had a hand in preventing Jolie from getting the part.

As it turns out, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

For years, Jolie relied on Kosinski, who eventually set her up and demanded production fees from the actress, as well as more involvement in her projects and constant salary increases.

Many believe that he is to blame for the fact that the actress has failed to get really successful and strong roles for many years.

One can only sympathize with Angelina Jolie, but at the moment it is rather difficult to imagine this film with another actress in the leading role: Bullock did an excellent job, as evidenced by the enthusiastic responses from critics and viewers.