Ant-Man Star Was Near-Cast as a Different Marvel Character

Ant-Man Star Was Near-Cast as a Different Marvel Character
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Hawkeye series could have been really different.

Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge franchise, and it’s no wonder that some actors were initially considered for a certain character but ended up portraying another. Like Robert Downey Jr., who was initially considered for the role of Doctor Doom before MCU was even born.

Now, a never-before-seen footage reveals that Kathryn Newton could have played another MCU character. You may know Kathryn Newton as Cassie Lang from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. But surprisingly, she had a screen test for the part of Kate Bishop in the Disney Plus’ Hawkeye.

MCU News and Rumors has recently posted footage of Newton's screen test for the role of Kate Bishop on Twitter. The video reveals that Newton had screen tested with Jeremy Renner, who plays Clint Barton/Hawkeye in the series. Eventually, Hailee Steinfeld got the role of the young heroe.

This revelation has sparked quite a buzz among fans, leading to a flurry of comments and speculations.

The Twitter post has garnered a lot of attention, with fans expressing their thoughts on this alternate casting possibility. Some fans expressed surprise, while others pondered how different the series might have been with Newton as Kate Bishop.

One fan commented, "Wow, I can't imagine Kathryn Newton as Kate Bishop, but I'm sure she would have done a great job!" Another fan speculated, "Would the dynamic between Clint and Kate have been different with Kathryn in the role? We'll never know, but it's fun to think about!"

We are not sure how good Newton would be in the role of Kate Bishop, but we know for sure that she was good in the role of Ant-Man’s daughter.

And we also know that Hailee Steinfeld was absolutely great in the role of Kate Bishop. While the Hawkeye series wasn’t flawless, Steinfeld’s performance definitely wasn’t one of the flaws.

Luckily, Steinfeld and Newton’s characters may meet really soon. You might have observed a recent trend in the MCU of introducing new young heroes. This is a groundwork for a potential team of young Avengers; and both Kate Bishop and Cassie Lang will be among the members.