Apparently Liam Neeson's Retirement From Action Films Was A Joke

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Liam Neeson is almost 70 years old, but he still going strong, starring in numerous action movies every year, with no end in sight. So what happened to his previous statements about quitting action films for good?

British actor, famous for his turns in 'Shindler's List', 'Taken' and recent 'Memory', got his start acting in dramatic roles, before turning his attention to action films when he turned 50. Today Neeson is one of the most reliable older action stars, each of his new films garnering solid box office and positive audience reviews.

It's no wonder that Neeson is not willing to give it up. Despite his previous comments about quitting action movies because of his age, the actor seems to have changed his mind. Speaking to The New York Post, Neeson referred to his older statements as a joke.

"That was a joke. That was at the Toronto Film Festival a few years ago … One of the Hollywood Foreign Press said, 'Liam, what is it with you and these action movies?' I said, 'I was stubborn … [but] I've had enough of action movies.' But I meant it as a joke", actor said.

What a relief! Looks like fans grown accustomed to yearly installment of Neeson doing some brutal head-busting while saving his character's wife, or daughter, or mom.

Liam Neeson's latest film 'Memory' is set to hit theatres on April 29, 2022.

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