Are Criminal Minds Actors Friends in Real Life? Vangsness Spills the Tea on Her Relationship With Rodriguez

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Kirsten Vangsness compares her relationship with Adam Rodriguez to that of Penelope Garcia and Luke Alvez, opens up about what fans could expect from the couple in the future.

If Criminal Minds fans were given a choice of what to show in the reboot of their favorite show, many would undoubtedly say the romantic relationship between Penelope Garcia and Luke Alvez.

Garcia and Alvez shippers, who parted with the beloved characters almost three years ago on a verge of the couple going on a real date, were extremely disappointed to hear the "it was one dinner, three years ago" comment by Penelope addressed to both one of her friends and undoubtedly fans.

However, the pairing fans aren't fully discouraged yet. Many hope that the Paramount+ reboot will pick up the Garcia-Alvez relationship and bring it to a new level. The fact that both characters are single at the beginning of Criminal Minds: Evolution looks encouraging to the fans.

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Besides, both actors behind the beloved characters teased that the relationship between Penelope and Luke could indeed evolve into something more. In her recent interview with Looper, Kirsten Vangsness opened up about what the fans should expect from Garcia and Alvez in further episodes and her own friendship with Adam Rodriguez, the actor playing Luke Alvez.

Vangsness revealed that her relationship with Rodriguez is very similar to that of Garcia and Alvez with regard to their famous frenemy bickering. Just like the beloved BAU members, the actors were not so close at the beginning.

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"When he started on the show, I organically hated his guts when I would be in my Penelope self," Vangsness said.

But with time both the actors and their on-screen personalities grew closer together. Vangsness said, her friendship with Rodriguez didn't stop with the end of CBS's Criminal Minds. During the pandemic, the actors became even closer.

"We were having dinners with our partners and stuff like that," Vangsness explained.

As for what's in store for the fan-favorite couple, Vangsness promises fans will be delighted with the amount of time the couple spends together on the screen.

"I don't want to give anything away, but we do a lot of stuff together and we bond in different ways. No one is going to be able to guess — trust me," the actress teased.

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