Are Gaten Matarazzo and Joseph Quinn Friends in Real Life?

Are Gaten Matarazzo and Joseph Quinn Friends in Real Life?
Image credit: Netflix

Sometimes screen friendships do evolve into real-life power duos, don't they?

Joseph Quinn 's Eddie Munson has quickly conquered the hearts of 'Stranger Things ' fans, but things seem to be the same with the cast members. Despite being a newcomer, Quinn was quick to befriend his co-stars… and especially one of them.

Yes, it looks like not only Eddie Munson and Dustin Henderson are buddies for life, but also Quinn and Gaten Matarazzo share a lovely friendship. Moreover, Gaten appears to have learned a couple of things from Joe when it comes to acting.

"He's always so nervous on set about making sure that what he's doing fits in with the show and feels good and feels right," Gaten said about Joe when speaking to E! News. "He's a very devoted, committed and careful actor. To work alongside him, it made me say, 'Oh, we're doing this.' It gets me into it because he's just incredible."

It's lovely when a mentor is also your friend. If you don't believe us, then you should just watch these two dancing to Tame Impala at a 'Stranger Things' party, and the next moment you will be craving a friendship like these two have.

Besides, the two stole the show on the red carpet when Joe would just pick Gaten up and show him off to the cameras.

While these two appear as tight as they come on the red carpets, sadly, there are no signs that Matarazzo and Joseph are the best of friends outside of the set and interviews. Gaten occasionally shares pictures with his real-life friends on Instagram, but 'Stranger Things' co-stars rarely (if ever) appear in them, with Matarazzo being more invested into his 'Work in Progress' music band.

Quinn, in turn, seems to only have started his own Instagram account in the wake of season 4 premiere, so there are not many sneak-peeks into his personal life there. Besides, it is also hard to maintain a friendship when you two live on two different sides of the ocean.

This mentor-mentee thing they have is precious, though.

Their characters share a much more dramatic story on screen, with Eddie heroically dying in Volume 2 when he distracted the demonic Upside Down bats so that the crew could have more time. Matarazzo's Dustin had the chance to say goodbye to Eddie and appreciate him as a hero that he was.

Both actors now receive accolades online, with fans praising their performances among the best ones alongside those by Sadie Sink, Caleb McLaughlin, and Millie Bobby Brown.