Are 'The Mandalorian' Season 3 Reshoots A Good Thing?

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Disney+ biggest 'Star Wars' show will undergo additional filming ahead of the Season 3 premiere, and fans are wondering if this is a bad sign.

The Pedro Pascal-led series about a masked hunter and baby Yoda battling all sorts of villains has been a hit with critics and viewers for two seasons straight, and fans are looking forward to a new chapter in the near future. But it seems that the filming earlier this year didn't quite satisfy Disney, as additional reshoots are being planned to fix some mistakes and add new elements. Obviously, the nature of the upcoming updates has not been revealed, but some fans have convincing theories about it.

Discussing the Bespin Bulletin 'The Mandalorian' reshoots report on Reddit, fans immediately agreed on reshoots being nothing to be afraid of, as it is considered a perfect tool to make a project as good as it could possibly be. Moreover: sometimes reshoots to fix some problems or simply add to a project can be a real luxury, something low-budget productions often can't afford.

And for some avid Pedro Pascal fans, it's understandable why the reshoots were ordered, as the actor was very busy filming yet another major television series earlier this year.

"Totally normal. Last of US was extensive on set filming for 10 hour long eps that required Pedro for several months. Wayne and Crowder as BB reported filled in for the helmet-on scenes, now they need him for the non-helmet scenes. Most likely the living waters in the Mines with Bo Katan as a key scene if I were to guess." – /JangoFettDidNoWrong.

Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the villain Moff Gideon in The Mandalorian, can also back up those claims a bit.

"In the article it mentioned Giancarlo saying he had to do some Mando related work in the summer so he's probably needed for some Din with helmet off scenes too I'd imagine." – /Sidon_Ithano.

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