ATEEZ Hongjoong's Dream to Break Gender Stereotypes Is Very Admirable

ATEEZ Hongjoong's Dream to Break Gender Stereotypes Is Very Admirable
Image credit: Instagram

What is more heartwarming than seeing your idol eagerly promote self-appreciation?

In his talk with Maddox, another artist from the same agency, ATEEZ's leader Kim Hongjoong said he wants to create a clothing brand in the future. It's not unusual for K-pop idols to get interested in fashion, however, fans became excited when they heard more about Hongjoong's remarkable concept.

The artist said that he would strive for realistic vibes and wouldn't care about the height or appearance of his models. After a voyage of self-discovery, Hongjoon found many advantages of being short or average. When fans asked him if he also wanted to make clothes for different body shapes, he confirmed it.

Describing his dream brand, Hongjoong noted that his desirable clothes won't be gender-specific, as well.

Hongjoong: I also enjoy wearing women's clothing.

Maddox: Yes, I like it too.

Hongjoong: There are also many women who wear men's clothing very nicely.

Hongjoong: So I will not be caring about that. Honestly, these days people don't care about it (clothes designed specifically for different genders). When my fashion brand comes out, I will let people see it all, without separating outfits into men's or women's clothes".

Kim Hongjoong has also participated in writing and composing a song 'Celebrate', which initially was released as a special gift for ATINY's (fans of ATEEZ) second anniversary in November 2020. The lyric video was available for 24 hours only, however, this track was later included in their album, and MV was released in March 2021.

'Celebration' conveys a message that regardless of our appearance, age, gender and race, all people deserve to be loved and praised just for their existence. In a description for the original release, ATEEZ wrote that we are all special by our very own existence, no matter how we look. They wanted to brighten up the life of their fans who might feel insecure or depressed.

This song's lyrics were praised by the fandom for promoting diversity and self-love. Such phrases as "your clothes don't define you", "you and I are one and only in this world", "don't be like just anybody" capture Hongjoong's open-minded philosophy of life.

"How do you feel when you're looking at the mirror? Congratulations for being born as you are. We celebrate for you" – ATEEZ, 'Celebrate'.

In this song, ATEEZ invites the listeners to enjoy the youth and "crash into this treasured time", as well as love themselves and each other. ATINYs are proud to stan the idols who are determined to become such a positive influence in this society.

Fans wholeheartedly wish for Hongjoong to fulfill his dream and create the greatest fashion brand that celebrates being one's unique self.