‘Attack on Titan’ Post Credit Scene Sparks Debates Among Fans as Show Nears Finale

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‘Attack on Titan’ anime has become a global phenomenon, drawing even those not really into anime to the screens with its dark storyline and cruel twists.

After 86th episode hit the screens on Sunday, its post-credit scene caused buzz on social media, with people bracing for what appears to be the final battle between Eren Yeager and his former friends from Paradise, who united with the then-enemies to stop his Rumbling.

The post-credit scene gives us a look at Mikasa Akkerman, Annie Leonheart and Hange, as ex-enemies try to make up their minds on how to stop Eren, with Annie posing an difficult question to Mikasa.

‘Attack on Titan’ fans are separated on this one: some slam Annie for being ready to quit after everything she loved is doomed.

Others still could not forgive Annie for the murders of so many beloved characters, even though she herself seems to have had enough.

Some fans just entered ‘heartbreak’ mode.

Part two of the final ‘Attack on Titan’ season has recently returned to the screens, drawing the story to its conclusion, and fans (at least those who haven’t read the manga) are anxious about how the whole Rumbling and end-of-the-world thing is going to play out. Even those who read the manga had the theories that showrunners could pivot it the other way round, as it often happens with anime.

Whether the fan theories are correct or not, we are going to find out soon enough: "Attack on Titan" series finale will be aired on April 3.

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