Avengers: Infinity War Focus Group Member Actually Sneaked a Line Into The Script

Avengers: Infinity War Focus Group Member Actually Sneaked a Line Into The Script
Image credit: Disney

Imagine coming up with a random remark and having it included in the final cut...

Test screenings are an important part of a movie production; sometimes, they can even cause little script tweaks! At least that's what happened with Avengers: Infinity War directed by the Russo brothers.

Remember when our heroes (back at the time when a good half of them was not snapped out of existence) had to face off with Thanos' army of aliens? In fact, what were they even called? Maybe if you're an OG Marvel fan, you know they're actually called Outriders.

However, for the majority of people they were anything but that. Turns out, during one of the test screening, one person from the focus group referred to Thanos' hordes as "space dogs."

Witty, huh? The Russo brothers also thought so; in fact, that's why they decided to include the hilarious line into the script and ask Bradley Cooper to voice it as Rocket Racoon.

Here's the scene where Rocket and Bucky deal with the "space dogs" — now you know where the name comes from!

We wonder if the person who came up with the line got the screen credit? Even if they didn't, it's always fun to know that your own little comment was so hilarious it got included into the script.

Avengers: Infinity War hit screens in 2018, which seems like ages away today, now that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in Phase Five. Upcoming Avengers movies are titled The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, both scheduled for 2026 and 2027 respectively.

Who knows just how future focus groups will be able to influence them, huh?